Free Of...

What are we FREE OF, well since you are curious...

For my children, living free started with their births, having an all natural drug free birth was just the mattress, organic cotton blankets, towels and clothes, chemical free lotions, shampoos...on and on it goes. 

We strive to live free, and when I say free I mean-
Organic and chemical free,
formaldehyde free
paraben free
petroleum free,
aluminum free
preservative free
BPA free
PABA free
sulfate free,  
hormone free
free range, 

...the list goes on.

Before having kids, we were healthy people, trying to make healthy choices, we ate organic foods and shopped at the local farmers markets. Then, with the birth of my first child a whole new movement started for me, as it does for many moms, wanting the safest and purest for your baby is somewhat of an awakening to how much out there is bad for us.

A committed organic lifestyle for our family led my husband to start an organic produce distribution company, if interested, you can read more about that here, it's called Growers Organic.

As I spend more time on this blog and more thought on how we are growingupfree, such as free will, free time, free play, and others I will elaborate more.

What about you? How do you live free? I would love to hear and maybe add it to my list...


  1. I take my hat off to you and Brian for taking the Living Free From Chemicals route!
    Your Dad and I have been walking that path for years now and I can see it already paying great benefits for us, since we are generally much healthier than many of our same generational friends, especially in my case because I grew up with almost only homemade food and free range, grass eating cow beef and dairy...
    I love the new name of the blog too!
    Love to all,
    Gigi & Grats

  2. Your commitmtment to a "free" life is a principled but serious undertaking - certainly one you can't and don't take lightly. I can only admire you two for your persistence.
    Love to the family,
    WB., Dad, and Grandpa