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My name is Rachel Freeman, I am a mother of three. A boy,  a girl, and a baby boy. I post stories about our lives, family adventures, motherhood, and living organically. In my childhood I was the oldest sister (and of course junior parent) of a boy, then a girl and then another boy. I find myself in a familiar place now in my family with my own boy, girl and baby boy looking to me. But this time, I am not the "junior parent" anymore.

Here are my three babes-

Tovrea is the oldest,  having a family name from my husbands great great grandparents, pronounced (toe-vree). He is smart, spirited, successful, sensitive, charming, caring of others, an animal lover, athletic, and artistic. He is going to be a "tae-kwan-do veterinarian  artist" when he grows up.

Corinn Cora, who we call CoCo, also having a family name after my great aunt Cora who went by CoCo. She is cuddley sweet, vivacious,  funny, curious, strong willed, a little intense like mama, a lovely singer, and already quite grown up. She has been known to say..."listen, mom, I already told you I am not going to wear that today..."

Quintin, who goes by many names: Quiny or Quiny Cash, which sounds very much like Kitty Cat and so sometimes we call him that, and since CoCo could not say her q's until recently she called him Shiny (not shiny- as in bright, shin-ey like the shins of your legs) so we all use that name too... Poor guy he has lots of nicknames.. mostly Quiny.  He is the baby, so cute, determined, interested listener, and wants to be included in everything. He likes to make us laugh at him, so when he can talk, he will be the one telling us funny stuff.

And here is my husband,
Brian, he works very very hard long days. He runs his own company, buying from farms and selling to stores and restaurants.  He makes it work for us to have a nice home and for me to stay home with the kids.  He is passionate about organics and loves working in an industry that connects small local farmers with the consumer.  Learn more about his company Growers Organic here.

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